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Location of Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh

Coxs bazar is located in Bangladesh. Just below China and besides india, In south east asia.

Coxs bazar is at the south most end of Bangladesh. A small resort beach city.

Image:CoxBazar Beach.JPG
The main Sea Beach

Enani Beach


Miles of golden sands, towering cliffs, surfing waves, rare conch shells, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribes, delightful sea-food--this is Cox's Bazar, the tourist capital of Bangladesh. Having the world's longest (120 kilometers.) beach sloping gently down to the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal, Cox's Bazar is one of the most attractive tourist sport in the country. 

Its also a tropical paradise. Hot sun and fun, sandy beaches and great food.

Located at a distance of 152 km. south of Chittagong, the leading seaport of Bangladesh, Cox's Bazar is connected both by air and road from Dhaka and Chittagong.

Other attractions for visitors are conch shell market, tribal handicraft, salt and prawn cultivation.

Cox's Bazar  Arguably the most attractive tourist resort of the country located on a low range of sand hills between the river Bakkhali and the Bay of Bengal with a long open beach towards the sea. The town was named after Lieutenant Cox, who had rehabilitated here a group of Maghs seeking shelter in British territory after the conquest of Arakan by the Burmese. He died here in 1798. The unbroken 125 km beach at Cox's Bazar is sandy with a gentle slope. Since the rise and fall of the tide here is not great, it is a good place for sea bathing. A large variety of Fish, including excellent Pomfret, soles and Oysters are also caught here.

It is a district town and is also the headquarters of the Cox's Bazar forest division. The town and surrounding places have many clolourful pagodas and Buddhist temples and are inhabited by, among others, many tribal people who have their own distinct Customs and Traditions.

In addition to the long sea-beach with its silvery waves breaking at the foot of hills and sea-bathing, the attractions of Cox's Bazar include a drive along the beach, the view of the sun setting on the rolling sea-waves, the moonlit night, and the exciting interior of the bazar and its people. Interesting places around Cox's Bazar include Himchhari, Ramu, Sonadia Island, MaheshKhali, Teknaf and St. Martin Island.


Besides, the longest sea-beach, Cox's Bazar and its adjoin areas have a lot of things to see and places deserve visit by the tourists.

Himchari : It is about 32 km. South of Cox's Bazar along the beach, a nice place for picnic and shooting. The famous "Broken Hills" and waterfalls here are rare sights.

Inani : It is about 32 km. South of Cox's Bazar and just on the beach, with the sea to the west and a background of steep hills to the east. Inani casts a magic spell on those who step into that dreamland. It is only half an hour's drive from Cox's Bazar and an ideal place for Sea-bathing and picnic.

Maheskhali : An island off the coast of Cox's Bazar. It has an area of 268 square kilometers. Through the centre of the island and along the eastern coast line rises a range of low hills, 300 feet high; but the coast to the west and north is a lowlying treat, fringed by mangrove jungle. In the hills on the coast is built the shrine of Adinath, dedicated to siva. By its side on the same hill is Buddhist Pagoda.

Ramu : This is a typical Buddhist village, about 16 km. from Cox's Bazar, on the main road to Chittagong. There are monasteries, khyangs and pagodas containing images of Buddha in gold, bronze and other metals inilaid with precious stones.

One of the most interesting of these temples is on the bank of the Baghkhali river. It houses not only interesting relics and Burmes handicrafts but also a large bronze statue of Buddha measuring thirteen feet high and rests on a six feet high pedestal. The wood carving of this khyang is very delicate and refined.

The village has a charm of its own. Weavers ply there trade in open workshops and craftsmen make handmade cigars in their pagoda like houses.

Sonadia Island : It is about seven kilometer of Cox's Bazar and about nine square kilometer in area. The western side of the island is sandy and different kinds of shells are found on the beach. Off the northern part of the island, there are beds of window pane oysters. During winter, fisherman set up temporary camps on the island and dry their catches of sea fish.

St. Martins Island : This small coral island about 10km (6mi) south-west of the southern tip of the mainland is a tropical cliché, with beaches fringed with coconut palms and bountiful marine life. There''s nothing more strenuous to do here than soak up the rays, but it''s a clean and peaceful place without even a mosquito to disrupt your serenity. It''s possible to walk around the island in a day because it measures only 8 sq km (3 sq mi), shrinking to about 5 sq km (2 sq mi) during high tide. Most of island''s 5500 inhabitants live primarily from fishing, and between October and April fisher people from neighbouring areas bring their catch to the island''s temporary wholesale market. A ferry leaves Teknaf for St Martin every day and takes around 3 hours.

Getting to St. Martin's is a three-step program. First you'll need to fly or bus it down to Cox's Bazar, and then catch a bus to Teknaf, which is right on the very tip of Bangladesh, sandwiched up against Myanmar. From Teknar, ferries run daily to St. Martin Island. The total distance from Dhaka to the island is 510km (316mi).

The Aggameda Khyang, Cox's Bazar : Equally elaborate in plan, elevation and decoration is the Aggameda Khyang near the entrance to the Cox's Bazar town which nestles at the foot of a hill under heavy cover of a stand of large trees. The main sanctuary-cum-monastery is carried on a series of round timber columns, which apart from accommodating the prayer chamber and an assembly hall, also is the repository of a large of small bronze Buddha images-mostly of Burmese origin-- and some old manuscripts. Beyond the main khyang to the south there is an elevated wooden pavilion and a smaller brick temple with a timber and corrugated metal root. Apart from bearing an inscription in Burmese over its entrance the temple contains some large stucco and bronze Buddha images.

Teknaf : Southernmost tip of Bangladesh, Teknaf situated on the Naaf river and just at the end of the hilly regions of the district. Mayanmar is on the opposite bank of Naaf river. Wild animals and birds are available but the most interesting thing is a journey on the river. Wide sandy beach in the backdrop of high hills with green forests is an enchanting scene never to be forgotten.

The Cox's Bazar Holiday Complex of Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation, the National Tourism Organization is an ideal tourist resort having a number of facilities for the visitors.

Places of interest along the beach

Cox’s Bazar, mostly famous for its beautiful sea beach and the sunset, has several other attractions, including:

Laboni Beach: This is the main beach of Cox's Bazar and is considered the main beach due to the fact that it is closest to the town. Close to the beach, there are hundreds of small shops selling souvenirs and beach accessories to the tourists.

Himchari: Located about 18 km south of Cox’s Bazar along the sea beach, is a nice place for the picnic and film shooting. This picnic spot is famous for its waterfalls. The road to Himchari runs by the open sea on one side and hills on the other which makes the journey to Himchari very attractive. Its another attraction is the Christmas tree.

Enani Beach: Located 35 km south of Cox’s Bazar, this white sandy beach is located within Ukhia Thana. This beach is famous for its golden sand and clean shark free water which is ideal for sea bathing. Most tourists prefer to come down here for relaxing because it is free from the crowd of tourists that is usually seen at the Laboni beach.


As a sea resort Cox's Bazar has acquired much name and fame. "Panowa" the another name of Cox's Bazar, means the land of yellow flower and another ancient name was "Palongkee".
Its recorded history goes back to the Mughal Period when the ill- fated Prince Shah Shuja passed through the hilly regions of present day Cox's Bazar on his way to Arakan. He became so much enchanted by the natural beauty around his trail that he ordered his one thousand palanquins to stop and camp amidst the hills. The place where he halted and camped still bears the name of Dulahazara, after the Mughals the area was ruled and pillaged in tern by the Tipras and Arakanese. They were followed by the Portuguese and finily by the British. In 1799 the British Government sent a captain named Hiram Cox to settle Burmise immigrants in the area. A new colony was thus formed and the place was named as Cox's Bazar.
It was made a sub divisional headquarter in 1854 and district in 1984. Among the inhabitants of the area, there are Muslims & Hindus and the Buddhist immigrants of Burmise - Arakanese origin. Buddhist tribal people known as Maghs are an important and fascinating section of the population. They are unassuming people attached deeply to their own culture and way of life.
(Written by: Zahidul Gani Chowdhury).

Cox's Bazar divided into seven upazillas. They are:
1. Cox's Bazar Sader
2. Ramu
3. Ukhia
4. Teknaaf
5. Moheshkhali
6. Kutubdia and
7. Chokoria.

50% of this areas are accompanied with small and big hills tracts.

Kalatali Road:

Cox's Bazar's southern area is kalatali. Walking distance from sea beach. Residential area. Homely environment. About 2 kilometers from airport & central bus stand. A road decorated by tamarisk tree across this area.

Recommended Hotels:
Uni Resort Limited, Nitol Bay Resort, Silvia Resort, Green-Abakash Resort.

Hotel Motel Zone (Motel Road, Sea Beach Road):

Cox's Bazar's south-west area is hotel motel zone. There are two parts such as motel road and sea beach road. Motel road is famous for govt. authorized and  management by non-govt. motel. Sea beach road is famous for world class hotels, cottage and sea beach market. This area situated on near from sea beach.

Recommended Hotels:
Hotel Silver Shine, Hotel Shaibal, Motel Upal, Motel Probal, Hotel Holiday, Seagull Hotel, Hotel Media International, Motel Labonee, Prassad Ocean Resort.

Main Road(Jhawtala, Laldighi East-West, Bazar Ghata, Burmise Market):

Main Road is the largest area of the cox's bazar. This area is favorite for commercial sector, market and cheap rated hotels. All main bus counter, cinema or theater hall, money exchange office and banks stay here. About 2 kilometers from airport & central bus stand.

Recommended Hotels:

Hotel Sayeman, Hotel Sagargaon, The Grand Hotel-Renaissance, Hotel Sea Queen, Hotel S.K. International, Hotel Panowa, Hotel Palongkee Limited, Hotel Bilkis Limited.

Just go to Cox's bazar, you will find the best 5+ Star Hotels and also the cheapest accomodation in the world. Same can be said about restaurants. So don't worry about that.


Bangladeshi dish, Western and Chinese food are available in renowned restaurants. There are many restaurants over there. Some renowned restaurants are:


Pankauri Restaurant

Open: 6.00am to midnight
Nitol Bay Resort
Kalatali Road, Cox's Bazar.

Gladoula Restaurant

Open: 24hrs
Silvia Resort
Kalatali Road, Cox's Bazar.

Sajni Restaurant

Open: 6.00am to midnight
Hotel Sayeman
Sayeman Road, Cox's Bazar.

Moyna Restaurant

Open: 7.00am to midnight
Hotel Sea Queen
Jhawtala, Main Road, Cox's Bazar.

Silver Spoon Restaurant

Open: 7.00am to 11.00pm
Hotel Silver Shine
Motel Road, Cox's Bazar.

  Non A/C

Sahelee Restaurant

Sea Beach Road,
Tourist Market, Cox's Bazar.

Diamond Restaurant
Sayeman Road, Cox's Bazar.

New Diamond Restaurant
Jhawtala, Main Road, Cox's Bazar.

Angel Drop Restaurant
Marine Drive Road,
Kalatali New Sea Beach, Cox's Bazar.

Vaht Ghar Restaurant
East Bazar Ghata,
Main Road, Cox's Bazar.

Zia Restaurant
Kalatali Road,
Cox's Bazar.

Kashbon Restaurant
Saint Martin Resort,
Kalatali Road, Cox's Bazar.

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